Lola C. Adams

Lola C. Fox Adams

Artist, Sculptor, Teacher

Born in 1948, Lola C. Adams came from a proud family of hardworkers, discoverers, scientists, frontiersmen and history makers. Blessed with a wild imagination and an artistic mother, Lola was destined to live a life filled with expression.



Born and raised in Gadsden, Alabama, to Rosemary Price Fox and Carlton Fox, younger sister to MaryAnne and older sister to Carlton Fox Jr., “Bucky.” Lola dealt with her share of bullies in school but kept her head held high and in the clouds, dreaming about landscapes and artistry she learned about in books.


Lola attended Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama, making quite the splash when she went to apply for classes. As many women of the time, she got married and had a child while still wishing to attend college. Instead of letting go of that dream, she chose to capture it and proceeded to sign up for classes for the Fall Semester in 1974 with her daughter on her lap. This gained not just the attention of the student body, but also the Gadsden Times came to photograph and interview the fearless, pioneer coed.

Out of dodge

Everyone has that place they have to get out of and for Lola, it was Gadsden. After graduation college with a Bachelor’s in Biology, Minoring in Art and Puppetry, Lola started her professional career as a Biology teacher while she pursued her Master’s Degree in Education. This decision soon landed her a 2 year contract with a private school in New Orleans, Louisianna.

New Orleans, a wild city known by many for years before and since as one of the party capitals of America. While flowing with large crowds, drinking and the like, Lola braved her new life with young Rosemary at her side. Despite the wild, party atmosphere, the artist in Lola Fox came alive, loving every detail of the loud, flamoyant culture and drinking in the beautiful undertones that filled the air on Sunday nights, JAZZ!

“Choices are the spice of life!”

Lola C Adams

Finding love

On a blind date

While in Louisiana, Lola was set up on a blind date with a man she would later marry and leave the south. Bill Adams was a mechanical engineer for General Electric, who happened to be passing through town on assignment. Bill and Lola had 2 dates before he left town to go back to his home in New Jersey. After 6 months of daily phone calls, they made the commiment to be together and Lola flew to New Jersey to be with him. Living in New Jersey and Philadelphia where she gave birth to her second child, before finally settling down in Glenville, NY.

Making time – Making the Times

Life had taken on a new meaning, married with children, an ambitious husband at the top of his field, being flown all of the world for his specialty all the while beginning again with motherhood, welcoming a 3rd daughter into the world in July 1985.

Inspiring Others

From Biology to Adult education

Although being educated as a biology teacher, Lola found a way to incorporate art wherever possible. Lola spent most of her career teaching students in grades 6-12, private tutoring to special needs students. Working for Washington Irving, Lola began teaching an older set of students with even more complex needs, adult education.

While elementary, middle and highschool students come with their challenges, adult education students at the Schenectady County Jail was an undertaking. She faced dangerous convicts, mentally unstable gang members and drug addicts. Becoming a trusted confidant to her students, she was able to connect with them and encourage them not to give up on their dreams. Starting with education, she believed with a General Education Diploma (G.E.D.), they could move on with their lives until bigger and better futures.