Lola C. Adams

Lola C Adams

The life works of the artist, sculptor, teacher, wife and mother, a truly dynamic woman in every sense of the word.

Life Accomplishments

Breaking Stereotypes

As a true pioneer woman in the 70’s, Lola was spotlighted for her bravery, signing up for college classes with her daughter on her knee.

Presidential Recognition

As a gift to President Bush, created a sculpture depicting the US dominance over Hussein with an eagle eating a snake.

Dedication to Education

Touching many lives as a biology teacher, and later as an adult education teacher, preparing students to achieve their G.E.D.

Family Strong

Lola was the loving center of a large, creative family, with 3 daughters and an undying compassion for animals.


Lola C. Adams

Born in 1948, as the great depression was on it’s tare, Lola was born to Rosemary and Carlton Fox, in Gadsden, Alabama.

Creating is your duty as an artist.

Lola C Adams took that duty seriously, devoting many waking hours in the wee hours of the morning to work on her craft while her family slept. Hard at work sculpting with clay and casting in cement.